OSANIX is a manufacturing and trading company that offers modern solutions for the manufacture of paints and emulsions dedicated to agriculture, horticulture and the implementation of a variety of service projects upon request.

The company's products were created in cooperation with leading Polish companies and research centres. The company strives to establish the position of a customer-, manufacturer- and trading-oriented partner on the domestic and international markets.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, if you require any of the products, please place an order or directly contact our company.


The quality of our products is very important to us and therefore we are constantly investing in the development of our infrastructure and the laboratory, which allows us to conduct research that has led to the implementation of modern technologies and conduct of constant quality control of our products. Moreover, we offer comprehensive production on demand of even the most demanding liquid products.



We offer quality, environmentally-friendly products and accessories for manufacturing of glass units at attractive prices which are competitive in relation to the terms of co-operation dictated by the big international concerns. Our offer is directed to the clients who want to remain attractive and competitive in the difficult economic times.

We constantly inspect the quality of our products so we can guarantee that they meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients to achieve the highest efficiency of production and
maintain the costs and prices at the desired level. Our trained staff cares for maintaining the constant, fixed and repeatable technological characteristics of products using the state-of-art technologies.

Our products have the certificates of both national and international institutes confirming the constantly high quality. By choosing our offer you can be sure that the detailed technological and technical knowledge based on the carefully selected components to combine glasses will strengthen your position in the market even more.

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OSANIX works on innovative paint solutions under its own brand and on-demand.

Custom production
We offer comprehensive production of even the most demanding liquid products ranging from the supply of semi-finished products, through the mixing process to bottling and labelling.

It is possible to customize the scope of services provided by OSANIX to the clients’ needs. Our offer includes:

  • Customization, adaptation of recipes for clients’ needs
  • Supply of required semi-products
  • Preparation of ordered mixtures
  • Bottling
  • Labelling

Our offer is flexible and adapted to the clients’ needs.

We guarantee quality control based on the highest standards and we meet the necessary standards at every production stage.

With our in-house laboratory and cooperation with R&D centres, the products that you will order will be of the highest quality.

In our production processes we use safe, environmentally-friendly, and user-friendly chemicals that we control at every production stage through a modern and extensive laboratory test system.


The company's research and development department is young, ambitious people who are constantly looking for new solutions. They consult and supplement their ideas and knowledge by contacting the leading Polish research and development units.

All our potential partners guarantee high quality products and services. The high standard of cooperation, professional support, attractive prices and short order processing time. We are always open to cooperating with modern and ambitious companies which want to supplement their offer or cooperate with us. If you are interested, please contact us immediately.


OSANIX Sp. z o.o.

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